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Nexsys believes in the power of technology to transform your organisation,
make things work better ... and take your business to the next level.

Nexsys's passion is to find ways to use ICT to make our clients. businesses work better. We turn your ambitions into achievements. We ensure your business is supported by a robust networking platform and help you optimise the performance and availability. These capabilities are underpinned by a full lifecycle of IT services encompassing consulting, professional, support, managed, procurement and IT outsourcing services. The result is a stable yet agile technology estate - one that sets you up to embrace business change with confidence.

Why choose us

Outsourced professional services, consulting, offshore network services and support

Nexsys's vision is to harness information and communication technology and the passion of its people to minimise environmental damage, maximise economic stability and make a positive contribution to society.

We help You to design, maintain and support your network and communications infrastructure to deliver consistent, highly available services to the business. But with a growing remit and a shrinking budget, it's hard to hire and retain the right skills. We help you in next ...
Outsourced professional services, consulting, offshore network services and support
  • lowering costs and improving efficiency
  • managing your network asset inventory through the useful lifecycle of each asset
  • introducing new services for bring your own device and enterprise mobility
  • aggregating and managing third-party service providers and service levels
  • preparing the network for video, virtualisation and cloud computing
  • working with the security and risk teams to ensure data security and compliance is your network ready?
  • increases in white-collar crime rates - including cybercrime, information and identity theft
  • the increasing sophistication and criminal use of malware
  • concerns about data loss/leakage
  • getting maximum return on your capital investments
  • maintaining high service levels for your end users
  • achieving greater integration of business applications and information
  • keeping up with fast-paced technology changes
  • the effective retention, use, development and growth of skills
  • knowledge management, training and workforce management
  • building ever-greater confidence in your organisation's brand
  • the evolution of your operating model, sourcing strategies, and self-service versus human interaction

Good to know

“Thanks to new mobile technologies, social media, and an ever-growing product portfolio, your business must constantly transform the way it serves customers. The aim is to keep delivering a great experience at each touchpoint and to drive more revenue. As a Customer Service Director, you're responsible for maintaining the performance of your division and improving the consistency and quality of its services ... but doing so at lower cost... ”

Customer Service Director

“You need enough of the right information at hand to make the right decisions - not only for the IT division you're leading, but also for the business as a whole. How do your IT investments align with the business strategy? How can IT save costs and streamline the organisation, while providing optimal support for its processes and contributing to the bottom line?... ”

IT Leadership

As a Security Officer, your role is becoming increasingly strategic to business because a security breach could have devastating consequences. Cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated almost daily. Cybercriminals are highly tech-savvy. Meanwhile, in response to the widespread perception that poor governance contributed to the worldwide financial crisis, governments now place a higher burden on businesses to demonstrate sound governance, risk and compliance practices.

IT Leadership

About Company

Outsourced professional services, consulting, offshore network services and support

Nexsys is founded in 2009 by a young and ambitious team. In our work we always comply with the customers and their requirements and provide effective and adequate solutions help customers develop better their business. Our vision is based on the motto:


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