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Viruses, spyware, worms, malware, and service attacks are constant threats to a company’s network, data, time, and productivity. Their prolific nature results in a constant threat to a company computers, data, and critical applications. As these threats continue to grow in sophistication and severity, and without proper network security solutions, they can become a major organizational challenge. Nexsys delivers its Cloud MSS in a SaaS format, with no hardware for you to acquire or OEM support contracts to purchase. Provisioning is on-demand and requires only a matter of minutes—not weeks. However, one of the most expensive and time consuming challenges for SMBs has been securing their increasingly ‘online’ employee base. Discrete products such as desktop Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, web security appliances, URL filtering software, and data loss prevention appliances are expensive to deploy and manage. Our solution changes this. SMBs can now simply point all their internet traffic to the Nexsys devices. The cloud protects against viruses, spyware, botnets, and thousands of other advanced internet based threats. The cloud also provides a full suite of URL filtering capabilities. Unwanted URL categories can be blocked, while productivity draining categories can be controlled.

Why choose us

Outsourced professional services, consulting, offshore network services and support

No longer worry about large up-front capital expenditures, unexpected and unbudgeted hardware upgrades, or technology obsolescence. Cloud based services are scalable, flexible and cost effective because the physical equipment is managed by a service provider in a secure, network rich, carrier-class environment.

We help You to design, maintain and support your network and communications infrastructure to deliver consistent, highly available services to the business.
Outsourced professional services, consulting, offshore network services and support
  • Everything you need to start successful online protection
  • Getting maximum return on your capital investments
  • Setup a professional cloud protection within minutes
  • Reduce wasted time and resource
  • Provide smart investment in cost and risk avoidance
  • Powerful catalyst for your business development

9 Solved problems

  • Your company is losing productivity because employees are spending too much company time visiting non-work related web sites
  • Employees are consuming excessive internet bandwidth downloading Pandora and YouTube content, and it is slowing the business applications you rely on.
  • Your company needs a firewall, web filtering, network antivirus and network anti-spyware, but you can’t afford the capital outlay for these devices.
  • Your business requires many of your employees to use the internet. However, you need to protect your systems from malware.
  • Your remote and traveling workers require secure access to the business systems available on your network
  • Your limited IT staff is so swamped administering your existing systems that they can’t focus on the projects that would really propel your business forward.
  • There are many risky applications, such as bittorrent, on the internet. How can you allow access to the applications you need without opening up the floodgates to the risky applications?
  • You have no visibility into what web applications your employees are using so you can’t determine if they are using applications they shouldn’t be using.
  • You have a small IT staff and don’t have the expertise to configure and manage firewalls, web filtering, etc.